SPN Sports Ministry Mission Statement

The goal of the Sports Program of St. Philip Neri is to offer the children of the St. Philip Neri Community the opportunity to compete in an organized sports program that promotes Christian beliefs and values, respect for others, cooperation, teamwork and good sportsmanship through healthy competition and camaraderie.

St. Philip Neri Sports Program

The St. Philip Neri Sports Program currently offers basketball and soccer.  We have an intramural soccer program for boys and girls in PreK to Grade 1 while our intramural program for basketball is for PreK to Grade 3.  We also offer CYO teams for both basketball and soccer.


Intramural Soccer  Intramural Basketball

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CYO Soccer  CYO Basketball

For additional information on SPN Sports please contact the following:

Mike Zaccagnino – Sports Commissioner/CYO Basketball Commissioner

Rob McBride – Planning and Development

Open – Intramural Basketball Commissioner   Please contact Mike Zaccagnino if interested in being the Intramural Basketball Commissioner.

Cliff Kovack – Intramural Soccer Commissioner

Lydia Keys – CYO Soccer Commissioner


Team Head Coach Asst Coaches Days Times Field Starts kids Balls
U8G Ayram Liceaga Tue/Thu 6-7PM 2 15-Aug 14 7
U8B Brooks Bennett Cliff Kovack Tue/Thu 6-7PM 2 22-Aug 14 7
U8B Mike Wooden Dave Eberling Mon/Wed 6-7PM 2 21-Aug 14 7
U10 Kat O’Toole Tom Seekford Mon/Wed 6:30-7:30 2 21-Aug 14 7
U10 Jackie Trotti George Mannix Tue/Thu 7-8PM 2 22-Aug 14 7
U12 Nelson Mejia Ayram Liceaga Tue/Thu 6:30-8PM 3 15-Aug 16 8
U12 Lydia Keys/Martin Rolka Mel Lindsay Tue/Thu 6-7PM 3 22-Aug 18 9
U14G Lydia Keys/Martin Rolka Tue/Thu 6-7PM 3 22-Aug 14 7
U14B Mike Stavlas Mon/Wed 6:30-8PM 3 21-Aug 19 9


CYO Sports Schedule

SPN CYO 2017 Soccer Schedule